• Ellen Spinner

All I want for Christmas...

It’s possibly a bit late to be writing my list, and of course health, happiness and peace go at the top, but I can’t lie, I love to get a few things at Christmas. Here’s what's I've got my eye on…

1. A tea-infuser. Either posh or the £1.99 version from Pik N Choose on Dunbar High St - I don’t care. At the moment I love ginger tea made with sliced or grated fresh ginger, but I hate the bits floating around in my cup (can’t be bothered with a teapot and strainer) so one of these would solve that problem. For the ultimate cup of ginger tea, one of Whittards PAO mugs which includes an infuser and a lid - keeping all of the lovely aromatic oils inside while the tea brews - would be perfect.

2. Renewal of my subscription to the mindfulness app Headspace. I’ve been up and down with my use of Headspace over the last 12 months, but what I have noticed is that when I do use it regularly - just for 15 minutes a day - there’s less of a sense of constant thoughts bouncing around in my head - which is nice! You can buy gifts of 1 month, 1 year or 2 years of access.

3. A Grab-and-Go package of home-made, frozen ‘ready meals’ from New Norm based up in Edinburgh for lazy lunches at home. This is a vegan business (I’m not vegan but enjoy lots of vegan food) and you can choose what dishes you get so I’d be looking at the high-protein options with nuts and pulses which all look great.

4. Some lovely dark chocolate. I’m not hugely fussy - love fancy, dairy-free Booja Booja truffles (also available in the Crunchy Carrot), but give me a big square of RitterSport with hazelnuts (spotted in Knox Newsagents) and I’ll be equally happy. This will be enjoyed in moderation because despite the magnesium and flavonol content of dark chocolate, it ain’t no health food....

5. A cosy angora kidney-warmer (Haramaki) to keep me warm this winter. This is just a tube of fabric that goes around your core to keep your kidneys, abdomen and lower-back warm - which will often help to heat up the rest of your body. I tend to run cold despite trying to toughen myself up with cold showers and have been meaning to get one of these for ages.

6. Amelia Freer’s new book ‘Nourish and Glow, the 10 Day Plan,’. Despite being totally instafabulous which I generally find a bit intimidating and off-putting, Amelia Freer’s focus on the great food we should be eating, rather than what we shouldn't, is an approach that I love. Her Positive Nutrition Pyramid is a great concept - print one off and stick it on the fridge to support a healthy food intake every day.

7. A mandoline vegetable slicer . I have a rubbish one of these which I’m genuinely a bit scared of, but I love the end product. It’s great for things like a fennel and orange salad, for sweet/white potatoes and loads of salads where thinly sliced vegetables look and taste wonderful. This one appears to be safe, not only to work with but to clean, and for the sake of my fingers, I hope that it’s under the tree!

May all our Christmas wishes come true... Ellen

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